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The world is yours to discover

W HOLIDAYS INC always put safety and comfort as our priority for our senior customers when they are on our tours. We have wealthy experience on senior's group. We offer many programs to adapt senior's energy level, and they are more relaxed tour in general. 

Our special info session also had huge success in senior centers in the past. In the session we not only offer tour information, but also bring some tour related culinary experience to our presentation attendees. 

As the world gradually opens the door to tourist and business travelers, we're offering more destinations to our senior customers.

We always provide:

Unbeatable tour price in the market

Customized itinerary according to your request

Quality tour service

Free tour info session for your members in person or online

Assistance in tour poster design

If your organization is considering offer trips to your member, please contact us anytime and we'll discuss more details about what we can offer!